How often does the kn95 mask change

Masks are a powerful weapon against new coronaviruses. Everyone has a variety of choices for masks. Many masks in pharmacies are sold out. It is very rare to buy medical masks or antifog masks. Among the masks N95 masks and KN95 masks are the most gunners. KN95 masks are domestic mask standards, which are more than 95% of the nonoily filters that meet the national standard. So how often do you know how to replace kn95 masks? How long can kn95 masks be used? Can kn95 masks be reused?

How often does the kn95 mask change? How long can kn95 masks be used?

Under normal circumstances, the KN95 standard mask can be used for 3 days without the epidemic. However, the new pneumonia epidemic is now more serious. The doctor ’s recommendation is to replace it every 4 hours. If it is to go to a crowded place, it is appropriate 1-2 Replace every hour.

If the KN95 mask is contaminated, such as in a densely populated area or in an epidemic area, if the KN95 mask is sneezed or coughed opposite, it is a contaminated situation and needs to be replaced in time.

For first-line doctors in hospitals, medical surgical masks, goggles, and protective clothing are basically used for basic safety protection. Medical surgical masks are basically worn once and will be replaced the next time they are used.

Medical KN95 masks can generally be used for 3 days, but in the current situation it is recommended to replace them every 4 hours, depending on the surrounding environment. If you are walking in the community, KN95 masks can be worn multiple times without going far. It's okay to change one a day, but if you are going out to a crowded place, it is recommended to change it once every 4-6 hours, and 2 masks a day.

Under the influence of the epidemic, there is a shortage of masks. Best Editor recommends that you can replace one in 8 hours. Under normal circumstances, if you want to go out for a long time to enter a crowded place, prepare two masks a day.

Can kn95 masks be reused?

Kn95 masks are not recommended for reuse. One is that it is not easy to sterilize yourself, and it may also cause safety hazards if the sterilization is not in place.

Kn95 masks cannot be cleaned. The main filtering effect of kn95 masks is through the principle of electrostatic adsorption. Each small molecule of the filter cloth is covered with a lot of high current, and small particles will be adsorbed after passing. If washed with water, it will cause the static electricity to disappear, and the filtering effect will be reduced. The bottle technology mask reminds that the kn95 mask is best not to wash with water.

When choosing a respiratory protective mask for preventing particulate matter (such as dust, smoke, mist and pathogenic microorganisms from various sources, including PM2.5), you must choose a mask that meets Chinese or international standards to achieve basic filtration efficiency .

When the internal spray material encounters the exhaled moisture, the static electricity will disappear after a period of time, and the use effect of the mask will be greatly reduced. Many people will take off their masks and put them in their pockets, and then take them out later to wear them, which won't work. It is best not to take it off when you wear it, but change it when you take it off. Especially during the epidemic, it is very important to maintain good hygiene.

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